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Precast concrete walls

Precast concrete wall is used to cover / secure the ground, land or property. This type of wall manufactured with precast concrete and obviously reinforced with rods or steel.

This type of wall prepare with Precast panels/Slabs and columns. the first is to dig into the ground and make pocket, in the pocket column will be align and fill with concrete to set with land. after that panels will be slide into H section column and lock with grouting material.

Panels and columns manufacture before at manufacturing plant, curing and transport at the site location to construct the compound wall. because of manufacturing before, excavation and alignment only need to construct the boundary wall so it will take very less time to construct the wall. it saves 95% time compare to brick or other traditional walls. save of time can give construction industry to boost-up with newer technology

As the panels and columns prepares at manufacturing units under supervision of expert, any defection will be identify previously before construction. will gain supreme strength also

Use of HT steel and prepare with Pre-stressed system, it will save iron quantity and no scare of cracks into concrete due to iron bloating.