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Precast Panels / Precast building partitions

Precast Panels used to construct the Building Partitions, compound walls. in compound wall construction, it will slide into H-columns

Precast partitions used to make division of room or area

Precast Panels are reinforce with HT wire or iron rods, but reinforcement with HT steel with pre-stressed will save iron weight with desire strength and after rust iron bar will take role into concrete cracks at the same time HT steel will not take role for same.

as it is pre-cast and prepare from precast concrete, it is obvious that it manufactures at factory and transport to the location where needed

the specification of precast panels or building partitions may depends on cost, availability, requirement, load, durability, noice protection and installation time. design may change on different different requirements like electricity work, window, door etc.

Precast Panel