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We are the Trusted manufacturer of RCC Walls in India.

Approximate Rate: INR 95 / Square Feet (with installation and transportation)

We are the Biggest manufacturer of RCC Walls. have the largest variety of Precast Walls, Precast Boundary Walls, Cement Walls, RCC Wall and other Precast materials

Product Details

Panel Height 300mm
Panel Width 50mm
Length(Panel) 2100mm
Columns/ Beams H-section



3mm PPC steel- High-tensile per set, with the stressing system (4-pieces in each panel)
height: 300mm
length: 2100mm
Thickness: 50mm.

RCC Walls
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Column / Post: 

3mm PCC Steel-High-tensile with Stressing System (7- pieces in each column)

Length of the column depends on the customer’s requirement

150×150 mm width

We are Trusted and Largest manufacturer of RCC Walls

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You can reuse your panels and columns if you decide to relocate your RCC Walls.

Cost Effective

RCC walls are very cost effective. it takes 50-60% less cost compared to Brick Walls.

Good Strength

It is not only concrete, But We have also used high tensile wire to reinforce it.

Time Saver

RCC Walls takes 90-95% less time to install compared to brick and stone walls.