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Precast Compound Wall Cost

Precast concrete use becoming very popular day by day due to many advantages over other types and technologies. RCC Precast compound wall is the most popular part of Precast technologies in India. this types of walls are known as many other names in India like, Precast Wall, RCC Wall, Cement Boundary Walls, Prestressed Compound Wall, Readymade Boundary Walls, Folding compound Walls and more..

Because of many advantages over brick and other traditional walls, Precast compound walls become very popular in India. Precast compound walls design is very attractive compared to other any types of wall as well as cost of Precast compound walls attract customers more and more. because it saves approximate 50% project cost compared to brick walls and any other types of walls.

Brick boundary wall construction cost in India is cost likely Rs 300 per square foot with material, labour charge and other charges where Precast compound wall cost per square foot is Rs. 80 to 100 with transportation, material and labour charges.

Precast Compound Wall Cost

Precast compound wall in India becoming very popular day by day because it is cost effective, saving time, space and it is reusable.

Time is most important part in any project

RCC Precast Boundary Wall / Folding compound wall taking very less time in construction, because Precast panels and Columns are made at factory before project start. then after moved to the project location and only erection and alignment time takes to prepare boundary walls. Approximately, Precast compound installation takes 95 to 97% less time compare to any other type of walls.

Precast Compound Wall cost calculation is very easy to determine the total project cost.

For example, cost per square foot is Rs. 80

Let assume Height below ground is 6 feet and length 100 running feet

Cost of Precast Wall = Rate per square feet X Height Below ground X Length of Boundary

Total cost = 80 X 6 X 100 = 48000 including Labour, Tranport and material, So that is method to determine your Boundary wall Cost per square foot with installation of your Total project cost

Also Precast compound walls are made with Pre-stressed system, HT steel is used in reinforcement and vibration system applied on concrete to remove air from concrete. It will provide very high strength.

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